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Portrush Baptist Church                Jesus Christ is Lord

Pastor Geoffrey Ward Bible Class Series 24th February 2009 to 9th March 2010

'Nehemiah The Master Builder'

01. Preparation for Service

02. The Burden That Nehemiah Carried

03. Facing The Facts

04. The Sheep Gate speaks of the Cross

05. The Fish Gate speaks of Service

06. The Old Gate speaks of Stability

07. The Valley Gate speaks of Humility

08. The Dung Gate speaks of Holiness

09. The Fountain Gate speaks of The Holy Spirit

10. The Water Gate speaks of The Word of God

11. The Horse Gate speaks of War

12. The East Gate speaks of The Lords Coming

13. The Miphkad Gate - Judgement seat of Christ

14. The Persecution the People Endured

15. More Problems

16. A Great Work

17. The Re Instruction of the People

18. The Great Bible Reading

19. Putting The Word to Work

20. The Covenant with God

21. The Defence & Dedication of the City & Wall

22. The Danger of Decline

Pastor Geoffrey Ward Bible Class Series 11th March 2008 to 17th February 2009

'Paul's Missionary Journey's'

01. Paul's first Missionary Journey - The Antioch Church

02. The Call of God

03. Servants,Sermon & Success in Synagogue

04. The Ministry of the Missionaries

05. The Persecution of the Preachers

06. The Conclusion of the Crowd

07. Second Missionary Journey - Paul's Suggestion      

08. The Guidance and Grace of God

09. The Subtly of Satan

10. The Places Visited by Paul

11. The Place, The People, The Preacher

12. The Entrance into the Place

13. Attitudes, Actions, Accomplishments

14. The Features of Apollos

15. Third Missionary Journey - The Magnifying of the Lord

16. The Fellow Workers, Feast, Fall & Fellowship

17. The Features of the Ministry

18. The Compassion Paul had for souls

19. The Journey of Paul

20. Pauls experience at Melita